Faust released as enhanced eBook!2011-02-13
We worked with Kopf Digital Publishing GmbH to create an enhanced eBook of Faust I by Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, which includes 11 videos and many stills from our film. To download the eBook please use the following url:

for the iPad app go to:


for the iPhone app visit:


This is the first official release of our film. There will be, however, a DVD release sometime in the future.
Finaly it has come true: After more than five years work on the film is now completed.

We are all very happy with the final outcome and hope that we will soon be able to present Faust publicly. At this time we have begun to enter into film festivals worldwide and there are plans for a premiere in Lower Austria, were most of the filming for Faust took place.

Also in the coming weeks and months there will be some changes to the website. We are currently working on a new version of the Teaser-Trailer, which will be including more of the animation and shall be representative of the films final design.
Voices and Drawings2008-07-22
Nearing completion2008-02-16
The wait will be over soon. After more than four years of work on Faust we are nearing completion. We are very keen on presenting to you the final outcome. Were and when this will be, we do not know by now. However, we will certainly send the film to a variety of film festivals first, then there will be an Austrian premiere.
Updates and date of completion2007-06-02
Some time has passed, however, now we present to you the promised updates:

Several photos and personal data of actors and crew members were added to the credits section of the page. Also the article about the film by Thomas Nash is now available in the press section. And for information about the ongoing work on Faust, we recommend you visit the blogs written by our composer Alexander Zlamal and our director of animation Benjamin Swiczinsky, you will find links to both blogs in the making of section.

At this point a heartfelt thank you for the many requests we received regarding the date of completion resp. the release date of the film. Unfortunately as to that we cannot give you any specific information yet, since we are still thoroughly in the process of completing the work on Faust. However, it is safe to state, that an official release date will not be possible before the year 2008. For this reason we have overworked the teaser to the film and provided it with the correct year of release. On this occasion we also added an additional streaming version of the teaser with higher resolution and two download versions with enhanced quality to the trailer section.

A true trailer to the film including more extensive animation sequences and more detailed information regarding the storyline will most definitively be available to you in the fall of this year. Until then there will be plenty of stuff happening, we will keep you up-to-date!
New server and article in celluloid2006-12-22
Some of you may have noticed, that the site was offline for a few days. This was due to a transfer to a new, faster and bigger server. Now we are back online and there will be more updates soon, especially in the credits and trailer sections. So, do not forget to check the site now and then!
Also, there is a new article about our film project in the current issue of celluloid - The Austrian Film Magazine on page 40. The article was written by Thomas Nash and not only includes some interesting pieces of information about the film, but also exclusive interviews with the director, the composer of the music and the director of photography of Faust. You can by celluloid at your local magazine retailer or read the article online when it is posted here on the site in the press section shortly.
Here you will find all the information about our feature film Faust.
By watching the Trailer you will get a first impression of the look and sound of the film. If you want to know more about the creation of the project, you will find it inside the making of section, where there are also two blogs, documenting the current progress of our work.
Also, don't be shy about telling us your opinions, we are very interested: the guest book is inside the contact section.